Welcome to TEDxCuraçao 2018! On April 14th we will be Smashing Boxes. Boxes that limit our beliefs and perception of what is possible. With this event we seek to encourage our attendees (and other followers) to venture out of the boxes we create for ourselves and the world around us.


The speakers

TEDxCuraçao 2018 will bring together 11 inspirational speakers and performers who dared go off the beaten path. Who have created a new reality, who prove that one small step can lead to magnificent change, and who are happy to share their ideas and inspiration as fuel for others.

Learn who they are

Smashing Boxes

The paths we choose in life depend on many factors. TEDxCuraçao 2018 challenges you to ask yourself: Do you dare explore the unknown, to reset your perception of reality and to be who you truly are? Are you brave enough to go after what you want, whatever that may be? Zoom out, see the bigger picture and stop letting everyday life, expectations and comfort zones run your life for a moment...

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Speakers Pitch

We’re planning our main event in a few weeks and we wanted to give you a pre-taste of TEDx.

Boxes limit our beliefs and perception of what is possible. We want to encourage you and everybody we know to venture out of these boxes and create space for new stories.

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