Matt Weinstein | Who’s the mayor of Willemstad

Kelly James | Who we are and who we dream of being

Cheraldine Osepa | Bridging the inner gap

Krishna Doll–Oedjaghir | The importance of accepting an innovation as SIDS

Jemyma Betrian | Inspire with love, fight with inner-inner-strength

Joanne Balentien – Nicastia | The hockey stick effect

Michael Lampe | Reality Gaps

Thomas B.J. de Windt | Innovative rehabilitation

El Sawyer | Pull of Gravity

Ellen Bookings | Speculative thinking: prototyping new worlds


The Cathedral of Thorns | Herman van Bergen

Vision on embedding Alternative Energy in the Caribbean society | Jerry Butler

GreenTown: “Replacing dirty industry with green industry” | Andres Casimiri

Restoring Power to the People | Michel Greijmans

How to make people happy | Sandra Hay 

What’s your excuse? | Esther Jacobs

Reaching the world from a small island | Tania Kross

An innovative and inexpensive solution for water desalination | Michiel Lensink

The ‘Regional Cloud’- Curaçao’s chance | Anthony de Lima

The sense of purpose of life | Joost Nauta

The Real Touch | Johnny Nobrega

Banks and Bonuses: where did we go wrong? | Dr. Kilian Wawoe

A Dolphin’s Fin | Thomas de Windt

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