In 2016 we had an awesome group of speakers lined-up for you.
Stay tuned to our speakers of 2017!

Krishna Doll–Oedjaghir

Marketing & Sales Specialist
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Jemyma Betrian

Muay Thai Boxer
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Joanne Nicastia

Director and Owner of DCConsultancy
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El Sawyer

Filmmaker and social justice activist
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Matt Weinstein

Community and Economic Development Consultant
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Thomas B.J. de Windt

Prosthesist and Orthosist
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Cheraldine Osepa

Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor
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Kelly James

Expert sales coach and business consultant
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Michael Lampe

Independent producer, composer & DJ
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Ellen Bokkinga

Idea developer, writer and founder of The New Verbalizers
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keywords: space travel, space platform curacao, cats, spc

Krishna Doll–Oedjaghir is a Marketing & Sales Specialist at Curacao Air Terminal Service (CATS). She is a marketing expert with experience in sales, branding and strategic product placement and has worked with many different experts spanning from Asia to Brazil.


keywords: Community,  economic development, consultant

Jemyma Betrian is a hard working Muay Thai Boxer. In the past year she was able to train for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights. She also fought some MMA matches in Los Angeles. Her dream is to become an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter one day. With her inspirational speech she wants to encourage the youth of Curacao to work hard for achievement of their dreams. Jemyma is always preparing herself for bigger goals and her motto is “success comes when preparation meets opportunity!”


keywords: strategic analysis, risk analysis, advisory

Joanne Balentien-Nicastia has over 15 years of experience in strategic analysis and implementation, and in risk analysis and arranging project financing. She currently is the director and owner of DCConsultancy where she personally offers services as interim CFO. Up to June 1st 2015 she filled the position as Senior Director Transactions at the National Investment Bank in Curacao. Since 1990, NIBanc has been the Lead in arranging syndicated transactions ranging from USD 15 million to USD 100 million per transaction. In her position as Senior Director Transactions and in the seven years that she was with the institution she was involved in:

  • Business Development for new Transactions (Advisory and Loan Syndications); active on Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St Maarten.
  • Advisory: engaged in Strategic and Implementation Processes aiming to make large institutions sound for financing.
  • Risk analysis of prospective transactions and related economic reviews and impact analysis.
  • Writing and compiling Information Memoranda for transactions with international financial 
  • Draw down procedures for syndicated loans.

She obtained a Master of Science degree in engineering at the University of Twente and successfully passed Level 1 of the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Before moving to the Caribbean Joanne worked at KPN in the Netherlands where she guided strategic processes, wrote business plans for a business unit (4 billion euro revenue per year). She was also in charge of revenue controlling of the business unit and was involved in evaluation of business cases. Joanne has also gained sales and marketing experience throughout several positions in her career. She likes to travel, experience a variety of cultures and has visited over 40 countries.



keywords: community, economic, development


Matt Weinstein is an American community and economic development consultant whose work focuses on community engagement and the revitalization of post-industrial cities. Currently based in New Haven, Connecticut, Matt recently completed his Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has worked for a number of public-sector entities over his career, including the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Texas House of Representatives, and the Western Connecticut Council of Governments. He also has extensive background in community organizing and political campaigning, having worked through half-a-dozen election cycles, including a role as North Dakota Caucus Director for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign for President.

Matt spent six weeks in Curaçao in 2011, assisting Fundashon GreenTown Curaçao with stakeholder analysis and social equity priorities, investigating community-based alternative visions for Schottegat in preparation for the possible closure of PDVSA’s Isla Refinery in 2019. Though not actually “di Kòrsou,” Matt por papia un tiki chikí di Papiamentu, makes a mean Keshi Yená, and dreams of one day bringing Truk di Pan across the Caribbean to the U.S.A.


keywords: orthopedic, makes and designs, correct  growth

Thomas de Windt makes and designs orthopedic devices to help people function again after impairment or amputation of (parts of) their musculoskeletal system or to correct growth-development in children.

Cheraldine Osepa

keywords: laughter, yoga, cultural education


Cheraldine Osepa is born and raised on Curacao. Because of her passion for travelling she considers the globe to be her home. At the age of 14 she started her entrepreneurial career by making her own pocket money working as a clerk during vacation time and hairdressing ladies of the red district of Pietermaai.

She received her Masters in Socio-Linguistics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and meanwhile founded the African Caribbean Foundation for which she travelled to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean setting up projects specialized in Cultural Education bringing cultures closer together.

In 2010 Cheraldine became the Director of the Cultural Department of the island of Curacao. This experience prompted  a strong conviction that work needs to feed the spirit. She started the Ubuntu Wellness Center in Curacao and continues this work today in her practice in Delft in the Netherlands. Among several other professional dimensions  Cheraldine is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor and a vegan/vegetarian cook,  filling up her free moments brewing, fermenting and creating the craziest kinds of new drinks and dishes.


keywords: expert coach, business consultant,  effective sales systems

Kelly James is an expert sales coach and business consultant who has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies throughout his career. He has more than ten years of coaching experience,  Kelly helps shy introverts conquer their fear of selling by teaching them effective sales systems and customer relationship building strategies.

Michael Lampe

keywords: composer, dj, caribbean heritage, electronic music


Michael Lampe is an independent producer, composer & DJ. He preforms under various alias such as Datapanik & FELLOW where he is mostly know for bridging the gap between the music of his caribbean heritage and todays electronic music. In his talk he spans the creative space between vision & reality, Sound & Silence and how it bridges the present with the future.


keywords: idea developer, writer, speculative thinking

Ellen Bokkinga is an idea developer, writer and founder of The New Verbalizers. She has contributed in thinking about new ideas and visions in a range of industries, and is involved in various projects that stimulate imagination and speculative thinking. Ellen believes that everybody has at least one good idea in them, and encourages to dream. Speculative thinking is the theme of her talk. Ellen thinks that all of us have built-in tools for speculating about how things could be – to imagine, and trying out new ideas that can transform the way we live. It’s her plea for a free space for thinking with an emphasize on language being an important instrument for getting valuable ideas out of heads.

El Sawyer

keywords: filmmaker, social justice activist, Co-Founder of Media In Neighborhoods Group (MING)


El Sawyer is a filmmaker and social justice activist. At the age of seventeen he was sentenced to 8-20 years in maximum security prison in the United States and was released after 8 years at the age of 25. During this time he seized an unlikely opportunity to be trained in film production. Sawyer began to create media programs for youth in 2003 and eventually serving as a director of a non-profit arts organization in North Philadelphia. El is the Co-Founder of Media In Neighborhoods Group (MING), a socially conscious film company whose mission is to use the power of media to change the culture of crime. Having won numerous awards for his work in film and community activism, he speaks nationally on the challenges of re-entry, and about the environments from which prisoners come, and eventually return back to.

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